Ben Newman: naughty girls, filthy fairy tales and bizarre creatures

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Have you ever heard of Ben Newman? Well, you are going to like this…

Ben Newman is a British painter and illustrator. After studying illustration at university, he ventured into the field of video games with the company Free Radical Design, creating characters and environments. In 2006 he chooses to stop censoring himself and begins to draw sensual women; a few years later he wins a competition held by the Bizarre magazine and decides to devote himself to drawing, taking part over time in numerous graphic projects. In 2013 he illustrated for the Flying Eye Books Publishing House “Professor Astro Cat’s Frontiers of Space”.

Ben Newman is a master in the craft of creating sinfully erotic scenarios and sexy narratives, with naughty girls, filthy fairy tales, grotesque creatures, tongue-in-cheek rudeness and other bizarre and perverted nonsense.


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