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Toshio Maeda, the tentacle master


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Toshio Maeda was born on 17th September 1953 in Osaka, Japan, as Toshio Kawasaki. Maeda is an erotic manga artist who reached the pick of his popularity in the 1980s and ’90s. Several of his works have been used as a basis for original video animations (OVA) like “La Blue Girl”, “Adventure Kid”, “Demon Beast Invasion”, “Demon Warrior Koji”. Maeda’s most notorious work, Urotsukidōji (Legend of the Overfiend), firmly placed him in the history books, in Japan and abroad, as the pioneer of the genre known as hentai (perverted). Maeda is also credited with the proliferation of the “tentacle rape” genre, mostly on the reputation of the animated versions of his manga, but he did not implement the use of the “tentacle” as an erotic device until the 1989, with “Demon Beast Invasion”. About his notorius work “Urotsukidoji”, Maeda mentioned that since portraying genitals was illegal in Japan, artists would use any trick they could to get by the censors and he could say that a creature’s tentacle was not a penis. A motorcycle accident in 2001 left Maeda with limited ability in his drawing hand but he continued to use his computer to create characters and write scripts. In 2003, he planned contributions to a Japanese woman’s hentai magazine and strove to look at eroticism from a woman’s point of view.

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